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What People are saying about Camp Meeting:

Camp Meeting 2017, themed ‘The journey continues’ is my most memorable so far. I remember that was the Camp Meeting that I was planning not to attend. Somehow I pushed myself and was in the service having a conversation in my mind, recapitulating all the struggles I was encountering and wondering when will I get a breakthrough. The message was being preached and reaching the hearts of the congregants, I could tell from their response to the message. It was at that time, being lost in thoughts, that the pastor, Maxine Johnson, turned in my direction and began to call for me to step forward. I didn’t even realize that she was calling for me until a sister who was beside me nudged me and said that the pastor had called for me.

As I stepped forward, I felt the power of the Holy Spirit and could not contain myself. I was so broken I felt as though a heavy burden was lifted from me. I wept as the woman of God prophesied over my life. Oh what joy, oh what peace, oh what consolation to me. I felt healed, delivered and freed. 


From that night forward I am truly convinced that God is indeed mindful of me, He knows what I am going through and will make a way. When I think that He is not there or is late He will be right on time.

Nadine Pryce

Nadine Pryce

Camp Meeting 2018 is the best year for me so far. This is because of the ministry of the preacher, Pastor Maxine Johnson, as well as the international youth choir’s ministry. The preacher was very powerful; her sermon entitled ‘Who is the serpent in your garden?’ blessed me tremendously. She is an anointed woman of God. I enjoyed the word and I believe she is a fighter for Jesus. The youth choir sang with so much anointing, I love the song they ministered ‘You are able’, and the lead singer blessed my heart


Clive Walcot

Clive Walcot

Camp Meeting 2017 is the most memorable for me so far. The spiritual atmosphere was one of the most charged I have ever seen. I was ministered to on another level. I left reminded and feeling as if I could, in Christ, conquer anything. 

Cheryl James

Cheryl James

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