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I have been a member of this great church all my life. My mother was the reason I became a member initially. Over the years however, this great church and family showed and has taught me so much. Here are a few ways I have benefited.

1. The church’s saving scheme has helped me to become more financially minded.

2.  Free evening classes offered by the church, gave me a second opportunity at my CXC which I resat. I passed four subjects and went on to get my 1st and 2nd degrees.

3. Dr. Alma Blair has always availed herself to listen and give me sound and wise counsel during difficult times in my life.

4. Bishop Blair’s messages have always hit home, to the point that during my younger immature years I wouldn’t be happy if it was not him preaching. The word that came forth and his articulation of God’s word was just so inspiring.

5 The wonderful choir and musician; Wow! Amazing! “I hear the sound of the army of the lord” up to today’s date remains in my spirit.

6. Leaders such as former youth director Venesia Thompson. She is something else; she saw me and knew that there was great purpose inside and gave me a ministry to part take in and I had the experience of a lifetime. I was reborn.

7. Willingness to give; FCDC taught me that great principle of giving and receiving.

I can think of many other reasons for me choosing this place as my place of worship and I hope that if you haven’t yet found a church home, you will stop by and hopefully like me, get involved.

A member of The Youth Board, Youth & Young Adult Ministry, Men of Purpose, Prayer, Principle & Power, Sports & Evangelism.

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