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The Sacred Service Ministry has primary responsibility for preparing The Lord Supper and organising everything for The Washing of the Saint’s Feet and Water Baptism.

About 15 members of the church assist in making arrangements for the Washing of the Saints Feet. These individuals along with members of the Prayer Group help in preparing the candidates for Baptism. Their duties include ensuring that persons are changed before and after Baptism. They also assist with mopping the floor to prevent against slippage during Baptism and also escort those that are to baptised to and from the baptismal pool. They also ensure that the baptismal pool is sanitised and filled in preparation for Baptism.

The Sacred Service Ministry generally makes the arrangement for the making of bread used during the Lord Supper, more commonly called Communion. The Lord’s Supper is done in remembrance of Christ and involves the breaking of bread and the consumption of non-alcoholic wine from a cup.

Ministry leader: Sis Maureen Blair
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