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The Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre Protocol Ministry is made up of a group of individuals who were selected by Bishop Herro Blair to be goodwill ambassadors for the church. These individuals are the first point of contact for guests and visitors. The group started out in 2007 with 11 members. Presently, the group is headed by Sister Rosemarie Watson Martin and she is assisted by Sister Christene Shackleford Heath.

As armour bearers for senior pastors Bishop Herro Blair and Bishop Dr. Alma Blair, as well as Associate pastor Minister Denise Samuels and their guests, protocol members conduct their service with understanding that the ministry requires a heart of humility.

The protocol team members are expected to exhibit the decency and the assertiveness associated with a true servant who knows what he or she is about. One must not take the ministry of protocol to exalt oneself, but whatsoever is done by the protocol ministry must be done whole heartedly unto God and not unto men. Members are also required to dress modestly and exhibit attitudes and behaviour that are in alignment with biblical principles.

Protocol members are rostered to work during every service and are sometimes called upon to assist during functions being organized by the church. While at least one member is rostered to serve during regular services, everyone is usually called upon to participate at events such as Camp Meetings and officials services. During Camp Meetings, we offer service to our local pastors, trustee board members, visiting pastors and guest speakers, as well as all the government officials that are invited to particular services.

The Protocol team works closely with the Usher’s Department and the Hospitality team in particular, to ensure that those we serve are catered to in a comfortable manner.
Unlike most of the other groups within the church, the Protocol team does not have a set meeting time. Communication is done mostly via phone and electronic media. However, impromptu meetings are held regularly to update the group of special events and for fellowship. We also meet to discuss other issues and concerns pertaining to the Ministry.

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