Address: 104 Waltham Park Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica

Bible Scripture:  Genesis 3: verses 1-21
Instead of getting better, things seem to be getting worse locally and internationally. But in a sermon presented last week Sunday morning, Bishop Herro Blair reminded the congregation that God has supreme power and authority over everything.
“Suffering and pain comes upon everyone who is born in this world,” he said while ministering at the Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre, 104 Waltham Park Road in Kingston. He believes praying and fasting is essential to counter the plans of the devil, and used the opportunity to endorse the Church’s All Night Prayer Conference which started last month and will continue every last Friday in each month. The services are held at the church beginning at 10 o’clock.
“God has blessed us tremendously during the month of January and we look forward to even a greater time this weekend in Prayer Conference,” he said
“If you are not encouraged to live a life of spiritual fertileness, you are going to end up in the spot where the devil fills your life with lust: the lust that dwells within,” he cautioned.
In alluding to the fact that Adam and Eve disobeyed God as outlined in the passage of scripture, Bishop Blair cautioned rebellious believers.
“You watch believers who are wayward. You watch believers who want to have their own way. They walk through the door of rebellion and they upset everything,” he said.
Despite Adam and Eve’s rebellion, Bishop Blair pointed out that God covered them and assured that he will do the same for all his children.
“God wants to preserve life in this church. God wants to preserve backsliders in this church. God wants to demonstrate that every sinner in this church who has been foiled by the devil can run to him, come to an alter and say Lord I have wandered far away from God, now I am coming home. The paths of sin too long I had trod; now I am coming home.”
Bishop Blair ended his sermon with an alter call which saw several persons committing to give their lives in water Baptism.


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