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The Golden Agers Ministry is focused on addressing the needs of seniors in the church, age 65 years and older. The Ministry Leader/Coordinator is Sister Marcia Johnson with support from Sisters Christene Shackleford Heath and Marie Stewart Lewin.

The purpose of the ministry is to cater to the needs of a thriving, interactive community of senior citizens. This includes:
• Getting to know the seniors in the church and knowing them so well that we can identify their specific needs and make recommendations about how to meet those needs.
• Having interactive sessions to keep them engaged and feeling that they are a part of the church community.

Here at 104, the population in our church is getting older and a large portion of the congregation are persons aged 40 and over. By extension, it means that the number of persons who should be a part of the Golden Agers ministry will be constantly growing.

To achieve the objectives of the ministry, the following programmes and activities will be undertaken:
• Have meetings on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 3:00 pm with the Golden Agers. In our monthly meetings we will have fellowship and share with each other. We will also recognise the birthdays of those who are celebrating during that month and have discussions about how the Golden Agers can support the various ministries and activities of the church

• Commemorate Senior Citizens’ month in September by having a Golden Agers’ Sunday within the month when we celebrate the seniors in our congregation

• Encourage the seniors to participate in activities at the National Council for Senior Citizens.

• Arrange programmes where our seniors can meet and engage with seniors from other churches within the Deliverance Evangelistic Association.
• Support our seniors by ensuring that, where possible, they are accessing government facilities such as the National Health Fund, National Insurance Scheme and the Jamaica Drug for the Elderly Programme.

• Seek out partnerships with ministries such as the Health and Wellness Ministry to encourage the staging of health fairs so our seniors can benefit from these services.

• And visit places of national interest.

While we look at programmes and activities to get to know our seniors, we are also aware of the challenges some face in coming to church regularly and participating in the activities because:
• they may live far away;
• they live on their own
• they do not have a steady source of income and so cannot be as active as they would like;
• they are not receiving the love and support of their relatives.

Through the Golden Agers ministry we aim to keep close to our seniors; check on them frequently; and where possible we can identify and fill some of the gaps in their lives. In this area, we are seeking the support of the church on a whole to look out for our Golden Agers, and if you are aware of those who are not attending church regularly, please let us know.

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