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“A great place to worship” by Caneal Saunders

I have been a member of this great church all my life. My mother was the reason I became a member initially. Over the years however, this great church and family showed and has taught me so much. Here are a few ways I have benefited.

1. The church’s saving scheme has helped me to become more financially minded.

2.  Free evening classes offered by the church, gave me a second opportunity at my CXC which I resat. I passed four subjects and went on to get my 1st and 2nd degrees.

3. Dr. Alma Blair has always availed herself to listen and give me sound and wise counsel during difficult times in my life.

4. Bishop Blair’s messages have always hit home, to the point that during my younger immature years I wouldn’t be happy if it was not him preaching. The word that came forth and his articulation of God’s word was just so inspiring.


“I get the undiluted word of God” by Cheryl Reid

I have been attending Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre (F.C.D.C) for twenty years. I chose to attend this church because of the many miracles that I have heard about and seen. My family also attend this sanctuary. There are a number of things that I like about F.C.D.C; firstly I enjoy the services and the rich and undiluted word of God. The Lord is always doing something new through our spiritual leaders especially our Bishop who is a visionary. Of course,  F.C.D.C (also known as 104) always has a welcoming aura. The moment you enter the sanctuary, even if it is your first visit, you do not feel like a stranger in that you are sure to be welcomed by the ushers, receiving a special welcome from the podium and the congregation at large. The various activities are very inspirational, providing everyone with the opportunity to use their gifts and talents to bring glory to God and to grow spiritually. The church also seeks to serve the community in various ways. Leadership development is also a key priority of the church among other programmes and as such, I find 104 to be an awesome place of worship.

I am engaged in the following Ministries:

a)      Prayer & Fasting (Assistant Leader)

b)      Choral Expression

c)      Youth Prayer Team

d)     Evangelism

“A noble organization” by Damian Riley

I was born and raised at Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre, “A church in the heart of the city with the city in its heart”.  Within this Illustrious institution, there are mentors or spiritual leaders who are bent on assisting you to find your purpose and calling so you can impact and touch lives and subsequently others can see Christ in you. Another thing that I like about this church is that the fellowship is so amazing, just a hand shake, hug or kind words can really change the outcome of your situation which shows that you are truly valued and loved. As a result, these are just a few of the qualities why I am still a member of this noble organization.

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