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Being on the MOVE for God takes hard work, dedication and commitment, but Minister Denise Samuels is so passionate about winning souls for the Kingdom, that often times friends and family have to step in and remind her to take a break.

Minister Samuels has primary responsibility for rolling out the Faith Cathedral Deliverance Centre’s MOVE initiative which focuses on ministry, outreach, verbal proclamation and the equipping of believers. As part of her portfolio as the Associate Pastor for the church, she has oversight responsibility for 36 ministries plus sub-ministries which when combined amounts to about 50 different ministry teams.

“I have full responsibility for overseeing MOVE, its success and failure, and I don’t believe in failure, it will succeed, so I have to drive that,” she said.

The initiative was birthed after much prayer and consultations which was needed to drive a new focus for the next season of the Church as a ministry to the nations.  The Senior Pastors, Bishop Herro Blair and Dr. Alma Blair led the selection process in assigning/appointing Ministry Leaders, Assistant Ministry Leaders, and Sub-Ministry Leaders headed by the Church Board and the appointing of a Pastoral Team to help in fulfilling the mission of the MOVE initiative.

“God didn’t save us to sit down, He saved us to go out and to empower lives and to be better representatives of Christ. That’s why we changed the name “Heads of Committees” to “Ministry Leaders”, because we want persons to understand that we are all ministers of the Gospel,” she explained.

Now that the ministries are in full operation, the demand on her time has multiplied, but she has learnt to delegate and with the support of the leadership of the church, it has propelled her further into her divine calling.

“Nobody can do it alone, and I have a Bishop who is very supportive and open to you any time of the day and night, so there is no hampering of the initiative. Bishop Blair is a visionary and is all for forward movement and so he directs, guides and supports” she said.

“He is very open to new ideas and new initiatives, so he makes it that much easier. I am not fighting against a wall when I have a bright idea. I know I will have his support and that helps too,” added Minister Samuels.

Even with the support, she contends that it is hard work balancing ministry, her secular job as a Human Resources Manager and making time for family and other interests. But her passion for souls will not allow her to sit idly.

“Truth be told, that is what the MOVE initiative is about, winning souls for Christ. Persons don’t realise that they have a responsibility to be a soul winner. They think it is the leaders of the church responsibility to fill the seats, when it is every body’s business, it is a united force,” she said.

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