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2 Corinthians 5: 17-18   Therefore, if any man be in Christ he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new. And all things are of God, who has reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ and has given to us the ministry of reconciliation.

It was on a weekday and I was on my way home and was thinking about a procedure that I had just completed at a corporate entity when this statement from my car radio completely seized my attention, “good news, good news”. The bible teacher who was the host for the radio programme illustrated a heartwarming event that transformed his heart and commenced his journey as a Christian. As a boy, he was bullied so badly at his first elementary school and so his parents were forced to switch him to another school. The psychological impact from being bullied affected Roberto to the point where he himself morphed into a tyrant.  Roberto who had to attend counselling sessions at his previous school due to his fear of attending school and being bullied, perhaps without being cognizant that he adopted the tyrannizing attitude, was now tormenting a lad at the new school who had both a walking and speech impediment.

Just a few days after Roberto was enrolled into the second elementary school he ran into a boy by the name of LJ, the shortened name for Lyndon Jackson. LJ was in a lower grade than Roberto and was at the school’s snack counter when he observed this boy that he had never seen at school before. This new student was looking at LJ in a very strange way. LJ was in a programme that was helping him to overcome the challenge of childhood apraxia of speech and so he was still having challenges pronouncing some words correctly.  LJ was also born with one leg shorter than the other causing him to walk like he was always going over a hump. It was Roberto’s time to purchase his snack as he intended to but instead of doing so he started making a few steps behind LJ while mimicking the way LJ walked and referring to him as a baby talk boy. That was the first of many days that Roberto would pick on LJ each time he had the opportunity to do so. LJ would most times look at Roberto from head to toe and over again, other times he would just walk away without even glancing at his oppressor.

It was a Thursday afternoon when both the upper and lower classes would get a two hour break to do fun stuff. Roberto heard a sound coming from a bend leading to the gazeboes next to the school’s science library, “good news, good news, Jesus saves, Jesus saves.” It was LJ emerging from around the curve towards Roberto while holding up a Christian literature in one hand and securing several others in his other hand. Roberto’s thought of intimidating LJ was suddenly paralyzed by the inspiring joy that radiated LJ’s face. As LJ’s eyes met with Roberto’s eyes he yet again proclaimed “good new, good news, Jesus saves, Jesus saves.” That Thursday marked the last day that Roberto mistreated LJ, instead Roberto extended his right hand and took one of the good news booklet from LJ. The same Thursday evening in his bathroom while having his shower, Roberto invited Jesus in is heart. Guess what? The day after Roberto and LJ became buddies, Roberto shared his good news with LJ of how he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour. LJ was not able to pronounce the word news as it should, but did so the best way he knew how, with open arms as though it was a moment of reconciliation, whispered “good news” as he embraced Roberto his new found friend. Roberto who became captive to his past tormenting experience where persons intimidated him causing him to develop the same inhospitable habit was now liberated as he took on a new mindset that aligns with the mind of Christ. This is indeed good news.

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